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Communists and Uprisings = Komunisti a povstania (2012)

Communists and Uprisings. Ritualisation of Remembrance of the Anti-Nazi Uprisings in Central Europe (1945–1960) = Komunisti a povstania. Ritualizácia pripomínania si protifašistických povstaní v strednej Európe (1945–1960)
Michal Kšiňan (a kol.)
Kraków, Towarzystwo Słowaków w Polsce 2012, 283 p.
ISBN : 978-83-7490-508-4

The aim of this book is to analyse the celebrations and commemorations of anti-fascist uprisings in the Central Europe in the years 1945–1960. Specifically, we dealt with the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943), the Warsaw Uprising (1944), the Slovak National Uprising (1944) and the Prague Uprising (1945). The research of commemoration and forgetting individual uprisings can also serve as an instrument for investigation of the communist regimes as such in Czechoslovakia and Poland. In this book we focused on three types of problems : 1. the attitude of official historiography or journalism of that time to the uprisings ; 2. analysis of official or unofficial memory places of uprisings ; 3. celebrations of the uprisings. Continuer la lecture de Communists and Uprisings = Komunisti a povstania (2012)