CNRS International Emerging Action / AVČR Mobility Plus – CFA 2022

International Emerging Action (IEA)

International Emerging Actions are PI-to-PI projects whose purpose is to explore new fields of research and international partnerships through: short-term mobility of scientists, the organisation of working meetings, and the initiation of early-stage joint research works for shared scientific projects. These actions have a duration of two years.

As a complement to the resources provided directly by participating teams, International Emerging Actions receive funds earmarked by the CNRS for international mobility between the laboratories
involved, for organising working meetings, and implementing field assignments between partners, for a total amount comprised between €10,000-€14,000 over the duration of the project.

See the presentation of the Programme on CNRS website here
and read the complete 2022 call on CNRS website here.

In the Czech Republic, the partner institution of the programme is the Czech Academy of Sciences.

See the terms and condition on the website of the Czech Academy of Scieces here.

In 2022, the calendar of the programme was as follows:

  • Launch date of the call for proposals: CNRS: June 22, 2022, CAS: June 27, 2022
  • Closure date of the call for proposals: September 16, 2022
  • Release of the results: December 2022
  • Start date of the projects: January 2023