Neviditelná říše. Rakousko-Uherský hospodářský prostor ve střední a jihovýchodní Evropě 1890–1930

An invisible empire?
Austro-Hungarian economic space in Central and Southeastern Europe 1890–1930:
actors, structures, embeddedness, factors of resilience

A roundtable discussion around the research project led by Gábor Egry, invited researcher at CEFRES in June 2024, thanks to a support granted by CNRS (SMI program).

Date: Thursday June 27, 2024, at 5 pm
Location: CEFRES, Na Florenci, Prague 1
Language: English

Gábor Egry is PI of the ERC NEPOSTRANS, Director General of the Institute of Political History in Budapest and member of the COST Action Women on the Move project, Gábor Egry studies post-imperial transitions on the example of Austria-Hungary.
Please find a presentation of his research work here.

In 2017, he received an ERC Consolidator grant for the project NEPOSTRANS – Negotiating post-imperial transitions: from remobilization to nation-state consolidation, a comparative study of local and regional transitions in post-Habsburg East and Central Europe.