Závěrečný seminář 2017/2018


9:30 Clara Royer: Úvod

10:00 Martin Pjecha: The Táborites in Christian apocalypticism

10:35 Adéla Klinerová: Reception of French Early Modern Architecture within 19th-Century Historicism in the Czech Lands and Central Europe

11:05 Pauza

11:20 Dan Cîrjan: Regulating Citizenship through Debt in 1920s Romania

12:05 Florence Vychytil-Baudoux: Studying Polonia from a transnational perspective: reconciling unity and diversity

12:40 Pauza na oběd 

14:00 Julien Wacquez: The Implementation of Fiction Within Science: the Case Study of the Dyson Sphere

15:35 Yuliya Moskvina: State, Squat, Society: the limits to urban commons

16:10 Aníbal Arregui: Editorial Boar: Animal Amendements on Barcelona Urban Relationality

16:45 Pauza 

17:00 Anna Gnot: Indirect and direct autobiographism in the late work of Ota Filip (2000-2018)

17:35 Thomas Mercier: The Threshold of Europe: Derrida in Prague