List of Interns 2017/2018

Zuzana Zachová

Master studies in Translation and Interpretation: French—Czech, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
Research fields: non-literary translations, Interpreting French—Czech, Deaf Interpreting, intercultural communication
Master thesis topic: “Daniel Gile´s Effort model and its application on texts containing nouns. Comparing two language pairs: French – Czech and Czech Sign Language – Czech.” The objective of this thesis is to observe and analyze, with the aid of Daniel Gile´s Effort model, the influence of the nouns on the interpretation. Another objective is to compare the results from the two different languages.
Internship duration: April-May 2018
Administrative internship (interpretation, translation)

 Marion Munch

Master studies in Contemporary history, École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay and University Paris I – Sorbonne
Research fields: Contemporary history; cultural mediation in the field of historical memory; administration of cultural institutions, in particular museums of history
Master thesis topic: “The Outsiders in the SS-Staff of Auschwitz Concentration and Extermination Camp, April 1940 – January 1945”
Internship duration: February–March 2018
Research and administrative internship

Ondřej Sobotka

Mater studies in Translation: French – Czech + English – Czech, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
Research fields: literary translation, literature at the turn of the 20th century, intercultural communication
Master thesis topic: ‘Czech Translations of French Literature in the second decade of the 20th century’ – Analysis of the reception of French fiction with reference to political and cultural context both in France and Czechoslovakia.
Internship duration: November-December 2017
Administrative internship (translation)

Tereza Kortusová

Master studies French Philology + Translation: French – Czech, Faculty of Arts of Charles University
Research fields: literary translation, theatre, intercultural communication
Master thesis topic: “Sylviane Dupuis: La Seconde Chute. Commented translation completed with a study of francophone Swiss drama production”
Internship duration: August–October 2017
Administrative internship (translation)