Filip Vostal – Research & CV

“Slowing down” Modernity: Risky, Futile or Progressive?

Research Area 2: Norms & Transgressions


Pic Filip VostalFilip has gained his PhD in Sociology form the University of Bristol. His doctoral research critically engaged with some leading authors on social time and acceleration in late capitalism (particularly Hartmut Rosa) and examined how and with what consequences acceleration imperative plays out in contemporary academia.

Filip’s current research still revolves around theories of social acceleration, its socio-theoretical purchase and epistemological limits. He is also exploring possible intersections of acceleration theories and science and technology studies (STS).

As a postdoctoral researcher at CEFRES, Filip s will investigate both progressive potentials as well as risky pitfalls of the so-called ‘slow ideology.’ His research will focus primarily on the question as to whether abounding calls for slowing down (modernity/ modernization) contain any progressive – and transgressive – element or whether they paradoxically account for concealed engines of social acceleration dynamic and/or dangerous political currents in the form of parochial and localist fundamentalism.



Jan 2014-Dec. 2015: Postdoctoral Fellow. Centre for Science, Technology and Society Studies. Institute of Philosophy. Czech Academy of Sciences.

Jan 2014-Feb. 2015: Executive Secretary to the Vice-President. The Humanities and Social Sciences Division. Czech Academy of Sciences.

Sept. 2013-Aug. 2014: Postdoctoral Fellow. Institute of Sociological Studies, Charles University.

Oct. 2010-June 2013: Seminar tutor. SPAIS, University of Bristol.


2013: Ph.D., Sociology, University of Bristol.

2008: MSc., Sociology, University of Bristol.

2007: B.A., Politics and Society, Anglo-American University in Prague.

Selected Publications


Accelerating Academia. The Changing Structure of Academic Time. Palgrave Macmillan. Estimated publication March 2016.

Journal Articles
  • Academic life in the fast lane: the experience of time and speed in British academia, Time & Society, 2015, 24 (1): 71-95.
  • Towards a social theory of acceleration: time, modernity and critique, Revue Européenne des Sciences Sociales, 2014, 52(2): 235-249.
  • Speed kills, speed thrills: constraining and enabling accelerations in academic life. Globalisation, Societies and Education, published online on October 13, 2014 as DOI:10.1080/14767724.2014.959895
  • Thematizing speed: between critical theory and cultural analysis, European Journal of Social Theory, 2014, 17 (1): 95-114.
  • Sociology’s rhythms: temporalities of knowledge production. Teorie vědy/Theory of Science, 2013, XXXV (4): 499-523.
  • Knowledge mediators and lubricating channels: on the temporal politics of remissioning the university, TOPIA – Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, 2012, 28 (Fall 2012): 143-164 (with Susan Robertson).