Martin Ďurďovič – Research & CV

Contested energy transitions.
Conflicts and Social innovations in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and France

CEFRES Research Area 2 : Norms and transgressions

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Martin Durdovic is a research scholar at the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, specializing in energy social research. His current research interests center around social aspects of nuclear energy and nuclear waste management on the one hand and sustainable energy transitions on the other. His research relies on both qualitative and quantitative approaches, such as narrative analysis, stakeholder interaction analysis, public opinion surveys, and other, and also involves engagement with sociological theory and meta-theory. Martin Durdovic is a laureate of the 2020 Czech Sociological Association biennial award for the best sociological book (Narrative and Dialogue. The Theory of Social Intersubjectivity) and a member of various expert bodies and associations. In the 2021-2022 academic year, he was a visiting scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University in California. Since February 2024, he coordinates with Gilles Lepesant, the senior research fellow at CNRS – National Center for Scientific Research, Géographie-Cités, a two-year incubation project supported within the Tandem program and entitled: “Contested energy transitions. Conflicts and social innovations in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and France”. More information about Martin Durdovic is available here:

Recent publications
  • Durdovic, Martin. 2023. „Counter-strategizing after a dialogue failure: Stakeholder involvement and nuclear waste disposal in the Czech Republic.“ Energy Research & Social Science 103: 103198.
  • Durdovic, Martin. 2022. „Emergent Consequences of Narrating Futures in Energy Transitions.“ Futures 138: 102930.
  • Durdovic, Martin. 2022. „ A Morphogenetic Approach to Social Aspects of Energy: The Case of Coal.“ Pp. 37-55 in Iwińska, Katarzyna & Bukowska, Xymena (eds.). Gender and Energy Transition. Cham: Springer.
  • Durdovic, Martin. 2022. „The Transformation of Order in Narrative as Discordant Concord: Using Paul Ricoeur to Explore Narrative Realism as Part of Social Morphogenesis.“ Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 52 (2): 260-278.