CEFRES Residential Scholarships for Ukrainian Researchers in HSS | Results

CEFRES Residential Scholarships for Ukrainian Researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences | Results of the 2024 call

Full duration proposed:

  1. KHUDISH, Pavlo (2024), Uzhhorod National University: Restitution, reintegration, and interactions of Jewish Holocaust survivors with their former neighbors in Transcarpathia
  2. YANOV, Dmytro (2023), Odesa Archaeological Museum-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences: Ottoman coins in the circulation of Bohemian and Moravian lands in the 17th century
  3. PALIICHUK, Elina (2023), Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Metropolitan University: Changing Young Minds: Student Awareness of Human Trafficking under War Conditions
  4. TSYBULIAK, Natalia (2023), Berdyansk State Pedagogical University: Art and Displacement: navigating identity and isolation among Ukraine’s IDP artists

Partial duration proposed:

  1. MATVEIEVA, Natalia (2024), Ternopil National Pedagogical University: Language biographies of temporarily internally displaced Ukrainians in the context of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war
  2. CHEMERYS, Hanna (2023), Zaporizhia National University: Visual Narratives, Commemoration of War and Graphic Representation of National Identity: Comparative Analysis of Ukrainian and European Contexts
  3. KOZAK, Nazar (2024), National Academy of Sciences: Preserving the Past or Erasing History? Ukraine’s Medieval Churches and Russian Colonial Ideology

Waiting list:

  1. GNATIUK Mykola (2024), Kyiv: Europeanness (“Westerness”) in Ukrainian Society amid the Uncertainty of War
  2. ROMANYSHYN, Nataliia (2023), Lviv Polytechnic National University: Discursive (de)construction of Ukrainian national identity: from Totalitarism to Democracy
  3. TSAR, Ivanna (2024), National Academy of Sciences, Kyiv: Language behavior of Ukrainian youth during the Russian-Ukrainian war
  4. OSIN, Vadim (2023), Dnipro University of Technology: Comparative analysis of political science in the Czech Republic and Ukraine: impact of political regime on stability, identity, and legitimacy
  5. DUMANSKA, Ilona (2024), Khmelnytsky National University: Digital transformation of the economy and development of IT entrepreneurship in today’s challenges and priorities of the postwar reconstruction of Ukraine
  6. MOMOT, Volodymyr (2024), Alfred Nobel University, Dnipro: Psychological Capital for Ukrainian Recovery