Visegrad Forum

The French Research Center in Human and Social Sciences is launching a new collaborative scientific program from the winter semester 2015 under the name Visegrad Forum. Its long-term objective is to foster European scientific cooperations between French researchers and their colleagues based in the Visegrad countries. The Visegrad Forum will allow researchers to get to know each other, discuss common scientific topics, and possibly launch scientific cooperations on both individual and institutional levels.

One of CEFRES’s main task is to bring together researchers in Europe who would benefit from the exchange of ideas and the opportunity of working with each other. The guests of the Visegrad Forum, or Visegrad Guests, should be high-level researchers working on innovative research fields within a French scientific institution. Therefore, the Visegrad Forum should be a live state of the art in the humanities and the social sciences for both sides, and a way to stir mutual scientific interest.

Visegrad Guests will be supported by the CEFRES for a week-long stay in the Czech Republic (Prague, Brno) and two scientific centres in the V4 (Bratislava, Budapest, Cracow, Warsaw, and so forth). Each partner institution associated with a session of the Visegrad Forum will task the Visegrad Guest with a lecture on a common scientific topic of interest and/or participation in a PhD seminar. Each time, a scientific debate between the Visegrad Guest and colleagues from the Czech Republic, but possibly from other Visegrad countries, will unfold at the CEFRES. We would like to host at least 3 such Visegrad Guests per semester!