We are happy to announce the names of the winners of the first CEFRES Platform Award for best article in social sciences and humanities in an international peer-reviewed journal (see the cfa here):

  • Slavomíra Ferenčuhová (FSS MUNI Brno – sociology), for her article “Accounts from Behind the Curtains: History and Geography in the Critical Analysis of Urban Theory”, published in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 2016/40 (1): 113-131
  • Filip Herza (FHS UK Prague – historical anthropology), for his article “Anthropologists And Their Monsters: Ethnicity, Body, And Ab/normality in Early Czech Anthropology”, published in East Central Europe, Leiden/Brill, 2016/43(1-2): 64-98
  • Tomáš Jirsa (FF UPOL Olomouc – literary theory), for his article “Reading Kafka Visually: Gothic Ornament and the Motion of Writing in Kafka’s Der Proceß”, published in Central Europe2015/13(1-2): 36-50.

The first Derrida Social and Human Sciences Prizes rewarded the PhD research on cities of:

  1. Jana Kočková (FSS MUNI Brno – sociology): The transformation of the post-socialist large housing estate: comparative study
  2. Václav Walach (FSS MUNI Brno – political science): The Meaning of Security in a Socially Excluded Locality 

The award ceremony took place on 16 June 2017 at the French Embassy in Prague in the presence of H. E. Roland Galharague and Nobel Prize Jean-Marie Lehn. The prizes were supported by Mgr. Karel Janeček, PhD., MBA.