Yuliya Moskvina: Research & CV

State, Squat, Society

Research Area 2 – Norms & Transgressions

Contact: yuliya.moskvina@cefres.cz

In my dissertation, I focus on the conflicting imaginaries which are produced by critical actors and institutions in the civic polity. Those conflicting imaginaries are represented by the squatters, who occupy a decaying building in Prague, on the one side, and state institution (the owner), on the other. Both conflicting sides have their own representation of how the way society should look like and what the role of a citizen should be.

Squatters in this case have a critical position towards social organization: they transgress given norms and by doing this destabilize solid categories maintained by institutions. Institutions, on the other hand, fulfil another important task – they support ontological security of the citizens by maintaining categories (not only legal but also in a form of social roles). To explore more deeply these imaginaries I use what Boltanski and Thevenot call justifications. Mainly, I am working with civic polity and its grammar. However, not only justifications are important: institutions and activists do not have the same proportion of power and they are participating in the civic world in different ways. Therefore the question of domination and the way in which institutions are using their position in society gain momentum and are important for my research.



2015—: Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology, PhD. program

June 2015: Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies, department of Sociology, master’s thesis Autonomous Cultural Zone Metelkova Mesto. Analysis of Material Culture

June 2013: Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies, Department of Sociology, bachelor’s thesis The Development of the Discourse of Civil Solidarity. Postmodern era and the Civil Solidarity

Summer school, conferences and other courses

  • October 2016–May 2017: Charles University, Faculty of Social Science, teaching seminars: Introduction to the sociological thinking, History of sociology
  • December 2017: CEFRES, workshop French Pragmatism And The Renewal Of Contemporary Sociology, presentation of the PhD project
  • October 2016: Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies, 15th International Doctoral Seminar in Social Sciences. Paper title: “Critique in Media Discourse. The Case of Pussy Riot”
  • August 2014: Department of Social Anthropology and History of the University of the Aegean, Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies of the University of Amsterdam, International summer school on “Culture, Migration, Borders”
  • June 2013: Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies, International summer school on “Culture, Memory and Identity”
  • August 2011: Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies, interview course on “Qualitative Data Generation”