Marianna Szczygielska: Research & CV

Wild Pigs and Proud Elephants: Engendering Wildlife in Central Eastern Europe

Research Project: Bewildering Boar


Marianna Szczygielska holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Gender Studies from the Central European University. She is a member of the Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative (Central European University) and an affiliated researcher of “The Seed Box: Environmental Humanities Collaboratory” (Linköping University). She also co-chairs a strand at GEXcel International Collegium for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies. With a background in philosophy her research interests include environmental humanities, animal studies, queer theory, critical race studies, and feminist science and technology studies.

Marianna’s project is organized around two stages, each focused on a particular “wild species” in its various relations to wildlife management and further politics enacted in Europe through the practices of hunting and zookeeping. Starting with a comparative analysis of human-wild boar interspecies relations in Poland and the Czech Republic, and leading towards a study of the history and present politics of keeping elephants in captivity in Central Eastern Europe (CEE), this interdisciplinary project aims at problematizing the category of wilderness and wildlife conservation in a specific geographic setting of CEE. In this sense, through a comparison between endemic and exotic species Europe will be brought into perspective in its complex relations to global environmental politics, as well as issues of nationalism, imperialism, post-colonialism and post-socialism.



2011–2017: Ph.D. in Comparative Gender Studies, graduated with Distinction; Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. Thesis title: Queer(ing) Naturecultures. The Study of Zoo Animals. Supervisor: Hadley Z. Renkin.

2009–2010: M.A. in Gender Studies, graduated with Distinction; Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. Thesis title: Becoming (with) Animal Others: Is the Anthropological Machine Set up in the Zoo?

2004–2009: M.A. in Philosophy, graduated with Distinction; Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland. Thesis title: Ethics of Responsibility in the Face of Environmental Risks

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Journal articles
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Book Chapters in Edited Collections
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Book reviews
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