2018 Winners of CEFRES Platform Award and Derrida Award

We are happy to announce the names of the winners of the second CEFRES Platform Award for best article in social sciences and humanities in an international peer-reviewed journal (see the cfa here):

  • Michal Sipos (Institute of Ethnology AV ČR), for his article “Informal practices and the street-level construction of migrant deportability: Chechen refugees and local authorities in Polish accommodation centres for asylum seekers”

The second Derrida Social and Human Sciences Prizes rewarded three PhD students:

  1. Josef Wilczek (Faculty of Philosophy of Masaryk University): New approaches for the acquisition, systematisation and interpretation of archaeological artefacts
  2. Radek Janhuba (Faculty of Social Sciences UK, CERGE-EI AV ČR): Essays on Sports Economics
  3. Jana Fabová (Faculty of Philosophy of Palacký University): Language varieties based on Italian language and their use in Nova Trento and Nova Veneza in Brazil

The award ceremony took place on 20 June 2018 at the French Embassy in Prague in the presence of  the Ambassador Roland Galharague and three Nobel Prize laureates: Jean-Marie Lehn, Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Serge Haroche. The prizes were supported by Mgr. Karel Janeček, PhD., MBA.