Barrande Fellowship Programme


The French Institute in Prague (IFP) and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MSMT) are launching together a new mobility programme for both PhD students in the Czech Republic applying to go study in France, and students in France applying to go study in the Czech Republic.

NB: This new Barrande Fellowship Programme is an extension of the already-existing Barrande mobility programme organized by the French Institute, which allowed for Czech PhD students to do a research stay in France.

The same rules and conditions apply for both types of mobilities.

  1. We offer a stipend to fund either a doctorate in cotutelle or a short research stay
  2. Students need to be registered either in a Czech University (for mobilities to France) or in a French University (mobilities to the Czech Republic)
  3. All scientific fields are represented, including but not only:
  • Life and natural sciences
  • Exact sciences and engineering
  • Economical and juridical sciences
  • Medicine

Cotutelle (double-degree Phd)

This scheme, called “Cotutelle” in French, is a mechanism that promotes mobility among doctoral candidates while encouraging scientific cooperation between French and foreign research teams. Candidates conduct their research under the oversight of, and with guidance from, a PhD adviser from each of the 2 countries involved in the programme. Working jointly, both advisers provide a full measure of supervision for the candidate. The candidate conducts his research in France and in the Czech Republic, under the terms of the agreement governing the programme, the “Convention de cotutelle”, during 3 years maximum.

The Barrande Fellowship Programme offers funding to the PhD students doing a cotutelle between France and the Czech Republic. For 3 years, the student spends 5 months in the foreign country and receives a stipend (1000€ / 25 000 CZK approximately) for research stay abroad

Short research stays

Short research stays have a length from 1 to 3 months and must take place at a university, research center or university hospital (CHU).

This mobility must answer the student’s need to stay abroad, for example to practice on specific research tools, to get familiar with a technic, to access resources only available in the foreign country, or to follow a short training….


The Barrande Fellowship Programme is open to all students registered at a Czech university, for a research stay in France, and to all students registered at a French university for a research stay in the Czech Republic. Students enrolled in the programme need to have higher education diploma (Ing. or Mgr.) before their research stay abroad.

Notes on language requirements

Our programme is open to all English speakers as long as the French or Czech supervisor hosting the mobility agrees for the research stay to be performed in the English language.

How to apply

To learn more about the application process, please visit the Institut Français’ website. You can find the direct link here.

2021 Calendar

Deadline for application : February 26th 2021
Results : Mid-April 2021



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