CEFRES’ scientific policy

CEFRES’s scientific policy revolves around three cross-cutting research areas. Each calls for a conceptual approach, both methodological and topical, without restriction to a specific cultural region. These research priorities originate from the discussions, which unfolded at the Research Forum in the Czech Republic organized by the CEFRES Platform in April-May 2015. A series of eight interdisciplinary meetings gathered researchers from every field in the humanities and the social sciences, who wished to present their research topics, to develop possible collaborations with the CEFRES and to be involved on its future scientific policy.

In each research area interdisciplinary dialogues may emerge between jurists, political scholars, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, theologians, literary historians, geographers, art historians, musicologists and philosophers. Specific programs revolving around these various research areas will be settled upon as the CEFRES researchers commit to precise projects, whether individual or collective. We intend to support European and international research projects that include digital humanities (digital resources, mapping, publishing). Individual research and cooperative projects may fit in one or several areas.

French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences – Prague