CEFRES Epistemological Seminar

The first introductive session will be hosted by Jérôme Heurtaux (CEFRES’ director), Chiara Mengozzi (FF UK, associate researcher at CEFRES) and Mitchell Young (IMS FSV UK).

Jerôme Heurtaux and Mitchell Young will introduce the seminar and present general remarks about concepts and their uses in humanities and social sciences.

Chiara Mengozzi will review the achievement of the epistemological seminar so far, propose some ideas for the present academic year and briefly introduce the question of “migration” of concepts and theories from one discipline or context to another.

To introduce this session, we shall base our discussion on the following texts:

  • John Gerring, “What Makes a Concept Good? A Criterial Framework for Understanding Concept Formation in the Social Sciences”, Polity 31-3, 1999, p. 357-393.
  • Bastien BOSA, „Des concepts et des faits. La double contradiction des sciences sociales“, Labyrinthe 37 2011-2, p. 121-147.

To get the texts, please write to Claire Madl (claire[at]cefres.cz)

During this session, the program of the winter semester will be set up.