CEFRES Review of Books

To celebrate the end of the year and gather our readers in the brand new library of CEFRES at Na Florenci 3, we are happy to offer a last encounter around some of the

newest publications in France in the social sciences and humanities!

It will give us the opportunity to better present and discuss the current French editorial landscape through this new review of books, which will be from now on held twice a year, before Winter and Summer holidays.

Reviews (preferably in English or Czech) will be published on CEFRES blog www.cefres.hypotheses.org.

The following books will be presented (in French):

  • Jean-Hugues BARTHELEMY: Simondon (Belles Lettres) – by Lara Bonneau
  • Patrick BOUCHERON : L’entretemps (Verdier) – by Eloïse Adde
  • Luc BOLTANSKI : Enigmes et complots (Gallimard) – by Gwendal Piégais
  • Marc FUMAROLI : La République des lettres (Gallimard) – by Edita Wolf
  • Emmanuel FUREIX, François JARRIGE : Modernité désenchantée (La Découverte) – by Mátyás Erdelyi
  • Albert OGIEN, Sandra LAUGIER : Le principe démocratie (La Découverte) – by Jana Vargovčíková
  • Michel WIEVIORKA, Retour au sens (R. Laffont) by Nicolas Maslowski
  • Caroline ZUM KOLK (dir.) et al. : Voyageurs étrangers à la cour de France (Presses U. de Rennes) – by Zdeněk Hojda

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Please confirm in advance your participation in this latest meeting of CEFRES before the end of the year! Contact the organizers: Lara Bonneau or Claire Madl.