CEFRES Review of Books – December 2020

The new edition of CEFRES Review of Books will take place on Tuesday 15 December at 3 pm, online,
at the following link :

This informal meeting gathers CEFRES team, the library readers, and professionals from libraries and publishing. The aim of our Review of Books is to make better known the publishing landscape in humanities and social sciences. Each book is presented in no more than 10 minutes, so to stress its originality and stakes.

So far, the following presentations are announced:

  • Romain Bertrand : Qui a fait le tour de quoi ? l’affaire Magellan (Verdier 2020) by Florence Vychytil
  • Pierre Charbonnier : Abondance et liberté (Paris : La Découverte, 2020) by Hana Dohnálková
  • Francis Kaplan :  Propos sur Alain (Gallimard, 2020) by Petr Horák
  • M. Ksinan : L’homme qui parlait avec les étoiles (Eur’ORBEM éditions, 2019) by Mátyás Erdélyi
  • Pierre Rosanvallon : Le siècle populisme (Seuil, 2020) by Felipe Fernandes
  • Adèle Van Reeth : La vie ordinaire (Gallimard 2020) by Petr Horák