Civil Union, Equal Marriage

Civil union, equal marriage: what prospects for Europe?

On the occasion of the International Pride Month and as part of the Queer 24 cycle, the French Institute in Prague, the Goethe-Institut and CEFRES invite you to the roundtable “Civil union, equal marriage: what prospects for Europe?”

Date: Monday June 17, 2024 at 5 p.m
: Institut Français de Prague, Štěpánská 35,
Languages: In English, translated in Czech


As the Czech Republic just passed a civil union bill for same-sex couples in 2024, where do we stand, on a European level, in terms of progress towards equal marriage, which is a subject fueling a lively social debate?

What assessment and feedback can be shared today on these rights gained in France, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic? What are the prospects and remaining challenges for inclusion and access to equal rights for LGBTQ people in these countries?

To answer these questions, we are pleased to welcome four experts on these issues:

  • Lucia Zachariášová, lawyer for the Jsme fér initiative, who campaigns for the legalisation of equal marriage for LGBTI+ people in the Czech Republic.
  • David Paternotte, lecturer at the Université libre de Bruxelles, where he co-directs STRIGES (Structure for interdisciplinary research on gender, equality and sexuality).
  • Daniel Borrillo, researcher and professor of private law who helped drawing up the civil solidarity pact (PACS) in France and, with writer Didier Eribon, co-initiated the Bègles marriage (the first same-sex marriage in France in 2004).
  • Martin Speer, author, activist and consultant, the driving force behind the EsIstZeit political campaign, which advocates opening up marriage to same-sex couples in Germany.

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