Developments in Post-Soviet Studies on Soviet Jewry

A lecture by Professor Yaacov Ro’i (Tel Aviv University)

Where: CEFRES library
Language: English

Professor Yaacov Ro’i from the Cummings Center for Russian and East European Studies at the Tel Aviv University is a leading expert on history of Jews in the Soviet Union.  Among his recent publications are however also books on Islam in the postwar Soviet Union.

The lecture will be followed by a workshop during which Dr. Kamil Kijek, Dr. Kateřina Čapková and Dr. Stephan Stach will present their projects on postwar history of Jews in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Basis of the workshop will be a discussion of their texts under the leadership of Prof. Ro’i.

To take part in the workshop following the lecture of Prof. Ro’i, please write to

The event is co-organized by the Institute for Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences and by CEFRES.