Reading X through post-anthropocentric lens

A round-table discussing conceptual and practical issues related to the establishment of a “Post-anthropocentric” reading group as part of the Tandem project. The X in the title refers to the various themes and topics that shall be explored within the reading group through post-anthropocentric lens.

The reading group is to discuss theoretical and conceptual, onto-epistemological and possibly also methodological issues in relation to what we preliminarily term “post-anthropocentric dwelling”, i.e., the entanglement of humans in a web of more-than-human relations as part of widely conceived dwelling as well as human homes. In recognition that humans share their home(s) with non-humans, living as well as inanimate, we would like to probe questions such as:

  • How does acknowledging of the more-than-human entanglements challenge the established notions of dwelling and related concepts of home and landscape?
  • How can we as scientists devoted to the study of humans (and their dwelling) reflect in novel ways on encountering non-humans at and around home?
  • What new conceptual terrains can be opened up by inviting non-humans into our thinking about human dwelling(s)?

How can social science become sensitized, epistemologically and methodologically, in order to better engage with and approach the more-than-human complexities of dwellings?

The roundtable is a closed event. In case you are interested in the theme and would like to become part of the reading group or want to learn more, do not hesitate to contact the Tandem team: Petr Gibas (petr.gibas(at) and Chloé Mondémé (chloe.mondeme(at)