What Is an Archive in India and Europe?

International Workshop

Organizers: Benedetta Zaccarello (CEFRES) & Kannan Muthukrishnan (French Institute in Pondicherry)
Partners: CEFRES & French Institute in Pondicherry
: French Institute in Pondicherry, India
When: 7 & 8 March 2019                                                                                    Language: English


March 7th, 2019

9:30 AM Opening remarks

Prof. Frédéric Landy, director, IFP

Session 1: Methodological, historical and theoretical standpoints
  • Dr. Benedetta Zaccarello, CEFRES (CNRS-MEAE, Prague) and Mr. Kannan M. (IFP), introductory remarks

11 AM Coffee break

11:15 AM

  • Dr. Jayanta Sengupta (secretary and curator at Victoria Memorial, Kolkata), on the intercultural issues related to archival practices
  • Prof. Subbarayalu (IFP), on archives and inscriptions: an historical overview

1 PM Lunch

2 PM

Living memories: past and present of some Indian archives

  • Mr. Peter Heehs (historian, former archiviste, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives), on the history of Sri Aurobindo’s Archives
  • Mr. Rengaiyah Murugan (Librarian, MIDS, Chennai), on Tamil manuscripts and archives
  • Dr.  Roland  Wittje  (IIT,  Chennai),  collections  and  archives: history of science and technology

4 PM Coffee break

4:15 PM

  • Dr. Anupama K. (IFP), on interrelated collections at the Ecology Department of IFP
  • Mr. Venkat Srinivasan (Archiviste, IIS, Bangalore), on the digital representation of the archives at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Visit of the IFP collections (palm leaf manuscripts with Dr. Devi Prasad, collections of photographs with Mr. Ramesh Kumar and collections of Ecology with Dr. Anupama K.)

7.30 PM Dinner at IFP

March 8th, 2019

Session 2: Archives beyond borders and mindsets

Archives: trans-cultures and post colonialisms

9:30 AM

  • Prof. Albert Dichy, IMEC, Caen, France, head of literary collections
  • Dr. Chandramohan (Curator, GOML, Chennai), on the colonial period and the palm leaf and paper manuscripts from the “McKenzie” collection

11 AM Coffee break

11:30 AM

  • Mr. Richard Hartz (Researcher, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives), on the intercultural aspects of Sri Aurobindo’s manuscripts
  • Dr. G. Sundar (Director, Roja Muthaiah Research Library, Chennai), on archiving 20th century Tamil

1 PM Lunch

2 PM

Oral traditions and visual heritage in the age of digital archives

  • Dr. C.S Lakshmi (director, SPARROW, Sound and Picture Archives for Research on Women, Mumbai), on archiving women’s testimonies and archives of orality
  • Mr. Prashant Parvatneni (Kabir Project, Bangalore), on building the “Kabir Project” Archive
  • Ms. Ranjani and Mr. Faizal (Keystone Foundation), on the creation of the Keystone Foundation Resource Centre, Nilgiris

4 PM Coffee break

4:15 PM

  • Dr. Alexandra De Heering (IFP), on accessibility to visual archives
  • Mr. Gopinath Sricandane (IFP), on the visual medium of archives
  • Dr. Pierre Triomphe (Institut National du Patrimoine, Paris), on heritage and archives

5:30 PM Roundtable discussion