Acquisitions Committee

CEFRES library acquires new books twice a year, mainly latest publications in the social sciences and humanities from France, but not to the exclusion of books in English or in one of the languages of Central Europe.

Main fields: epistemology in social sciences and humanities, history, philosophy, sociology and social anthropology, political science and international relations along with interdisciplinary works on Central Europe.

The library can rely on an acquisitions committee comprised of researchers-lecturers in the Czech Republic:

  • Yasar Abu Gosh (FHS UK)
  • Pavel Barša (IIR)
  • Paul Bauer (FSV UK)
  • Josef Fulka (FF UK)
  • Petr Horák (Université de Pardubice)
  • Milena Lenderová (Université de Pardubice)
  • Michel Perottino (FSV UK)
  • Barbora Spálová (FSV UK)
  • Jakub Štofaník (MÚA AV ČR, PedF UK)
  • Ondřej Švec (FF UK)

French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences – Prague