Partner Institutions

CEFRES is a key venue for bilateral and regional scientific cooperation in East-Central Europe. One of its core tasks is to bring together researchers from France and from the Visegrad countries (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic). With its broad network, the center is a venue for scientific exchanges. It is committed to stir and accompany cooperative European research projects in the humanities and social sciences. Embedded in a transversal research based on major epistemological questions, the center also hosts areal projects  covering Central Europe. In this context, CEFRES is a member of the research group “Connaissance de l’Europe médiane” (GDR CEM n. 3607, CNRS, 2018-2022).

Below is an indicative list of research institutions in France and East-Central Europe with which CEFRES is used to working on a regular basis – within international conferences, lectures, publications and training courses.

CEFRES’s tutelage

French Institutes Abroad

Universities & Research Centers in France

Research Institutions in the Czech Republic

Research Institutions in Hungary

Research Institutions in Poland

Research Institutions in Slovakia

Research Institutions in Germany

French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences – Prague