Yevhenii Tkachenko: Research & CV

Protection of Minority Rights in the Field of Education: A Comparative Study (Cases of Ukraine, Czech Republic, and France)

Research Area 2: Norms & Transgressions

Yevhenii Tkachenko is an Associate Professor at the Department of Constitutional Law of Ukraine, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University. His professional interests are public authority and power, human rights, rights of minorities, national and ethnic relations, citizenship and civic engagement and interactive teaching. He is the author of around 100 publications in Ukrainian and English. Since 2022 is co-founder and member of the “Civic Educators’ Association” NGO (Ukraine).  



  • 2012: Academic title of Associate Professor 
  • 2009: Candidate of legal sciences (PhD in Law) “Constitutional and legal regulation of language relations: a comparative aspect” 
  • 2005: Master of Law, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University


  • 2018-2022: Vice Dean at the Faculty of Advocacy,Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University  
  • 2013–2018: Vice Dean at the Investigative and Forensic Institute, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University    
  • Since 2008: Lecturer at the Department of Constitutional Law of Ukraine, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University 

 Selected Publications  

  • In ukrainian:
    • Ye. Tkachenko Concept of state language / Ye. Tkachenko // Entrepreneurship, economy and law. – No. 8.- 2006. – P. 21 – 24.
    • Tkachenko Ye. The concept of the language of the national minority / Ye. Tkachenko // Legal Ukraine. -No. 1. – 2008. – P. 22-27.
    • Tkachenko Ye. Constitutional and legal regulation of language relations: Monograph – Kharkiv: “FINN”Publishing House, 2010. – 336 p. 
    • Tkachenko Ye. Principles of language policy: state and legal aspect // Legal Ukraine. 2010. – #8. – P. 32-38
    • Tkachenko Ye. Legal status of citizens of the European Union // Jurist of Ukraine. – 2011. – No. 1. – P. 17-23.
    • Ye. Tkachenko Regarding some features of the European integration of the countries of Central andEastern Europe // Bulletin of the Karazin National University of Kharkiv : “Law” Series. – 2012.- No. 1000. – P. 106-111.
    • Ye. Tkachenko. Some historical aspects of the development of European integration / Ye. Tkachenko //Law Forum. – 2012. – No. 3. – [Electronic resource]. – Access mode:
    • Tkachenko Ye. Control as a condition for the democratization of state power // “Democratic principles oforganization and functioning of higher bodies of state power of Ukraine”: monograph /ed. Doctor of Law, prof. Barabash Yu. – Kharkiv: Pravo, 2013. – P. 117-156
    • Tkachenko Ye. Principles of the legal status of a child [Electronic resource] // E. V. Tkachenko // Theory andpractice of law: Electronic edition. – 2014. – Issue 2 (6). – access mode: http:
    • Tkachenko Ye. Regarding some problems of implementation of the right to freedom of religion in Ukraine //Ye. Tkachenko Theory and practice of legal studies: electronic edition. – 2015. – Issue 2 (8). – Access mode:
    • Ye. Tkachenko. Legal protection of the rights of ethnic and linguistic minorities: study guide / Ye.Tkachenko. Kyiv: FOP Golembovska O.O., 2018. 315 p.
  • In english:
    • Ye. Tkachenko, I. Dakhova, Z. Zazuliak. ‘The protection of the rights of national minorities and indigenouspeoples in Ukraine: Theory and practice’ 2021 4(12) Access to Justice in Eastern Europe 146–162. DOI: 10.33327/AJEE-18-4.4-n000090. (Scopus, Web of Science). 
    • Tetiana Slin’ko, Yevhenii Tkachenko. Ensuring Person’s Language Rights in the Educational Sphere inUkraine. Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics, Law and Education Research (ELER 2021) 
    • Slin’ko, Tetiana. Tkachenko, Yevhenii. Constitutional law and the constitutionality criterion of state bodies’acts. Wissenschaftlich-Praktischer Sammelband zum 10-jährigen Jubiläum der DUJV. 2020. Hamburg. Band 3. S.70-90.
    • Slinko T., Letnianchyn L., Bairachna L., Tkachenko Ye. The Rule of Law in the Legal Positions of theConstitutional Court of Ukraine. Access to Justice in Eastern Europe. 2022. No. 1 (13). P. 165-177. (Scopus, Web ofScience).
    • Berchenko H., Slinko T., Tkachenko Ye., Kobryn V. Preliminary Judicial Control of Amendments to the Constitution: Comparative Study Access to Justice in Eastern Europe. 2022. No. 4(16). P. 1-12. (Scopus, Web ofScience).

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