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Selected Projects | CEFRES 2024 Non-residential Fellowships for Ukrainian Researchers

CEFRES fellowships for Ukrainian researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 2024.
Selected projects

On behalf of CEFRES as well as the institutions gathered in the CEFRES Platform, the CNRS, the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Prague, thanks to the financial support of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, CNRS and Charles University, we are pleased to announce that 16 grants have been awarded in  2024.

List of non-residential fellows in 2024 Continue reading Selected Projects | CEFRES 2024 Non-residential Fellowships for Ukrainian Researchers

AAC – Séjour de recherche au CEFRES des chercheuses et chercheurs de l’EHESS

Séjour de recherche et d’enseignement au Centre français de recherche en sciences sociales (CEFRES) de Prague

Dans le cadre de la convention de coopération entre l’EHESS et le CEFRES, qui inclut également l’Université Charles de Prague ainsi que l’Académie des sciences de la République tchèque, et pour intensifier les échanges scientifiques franco-tchèques dans le domaine des sciences humaines et sociales, le CEFRES propose l’accueil d’un/e enseignant/e-chercheur/se de l’EHESS pour deux semaines durant l’année 2024. Continue reading AAC – Séjour de recherche au CEFRES des chercheuses et chercheurs de l’EHESS



Charles University (CU), the Institute for Human and Social Sciences of the French National Research Center (InSHS CNRS) and the French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences in Prague (CEFRES) are launching the first call for applications for the TANDEM incubator program dedicated to researchers from CNRS and Charles University.

Since 2018, the TANDEM program endeavors excellency in social sciences and humanities by bringing together Czech and French colleagues to intensify scientific collaboration between our countries in the frame of European Research Area. The program is a joint initiative of CEFRES, InSHS CNRS, CU and the Czech Academy of Sciences (AV ČR) in the frame of the CEFRES Platform of scientific collaborations. Its former members have obtained two ERC grants, including the BOAR project. Continue reading CFA | TANDEM CU–CNRS Program

Last Acquisitions. September 2023




179.3 CAR
CARRIÉ, Fabien
Sociologie de la cause animale /Fabien Carrié, Antoine Doré, Jérôme Michalon. Paris : La Découverte, 2023 , 126 p. ; (Repères)
Résumé : Une synthèse sur les mouvements, associations et collectifs œuvrant pour la protection ou la libération des animaux depuis le XIXe siècle. Les origines, les formes et les évolutions sociologiques ou idéologiques de cet engagement sont étudiées. ©Electre 2023 Continue reading Last Acquisitions. September 2023

CEFRES Actions for Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marks the return of war to Europe. Although the war dates back to the 2014 armed conflict in Donbas, with the war of aggression against Ukraine, it is now taking on an unprecedented scale. This war is also fought in the field of information and interpretation, posing major challenges for the humanities and social sciences. Located in the heart of Central Europe directly affected by the war, CEFRES is hosting a series of webinars and offers fellowships for Ukrainian researchers.

Seminar: RETHINK: objects, models, and methods in Humanities and Social Sciences since the invasion of Ukraine

Workshop: IMPEDIMENTS & ENGAGEMENTS: Humanities and Social Sciences since the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (September 19—20, 2023)

Conference: War in Ukraine and Exile (24–25 April 2023)

Call for applications CEFRES Non-Residential Fellowships for Ukrainian Researchers (closed since 15 March 2023)
–> Result of the call: Selected projects

Webinar 1 The Challenges of Hosting Refugees from Ukraine in Central Europe (22 March 2022)

Webinar 2 Belarus and the Russian Invasion in Ukraine (20 April 2022)

CEFRES PhD fellowships 2023 | Results

France & Visegrad PhD Fellowships

Olga KALASHNIKOVA (Medieval Studies, Central European University)

Ex aequo Astrid Greve KRISTENSEN (Literature, Sorbonne Université) / Lola SINOIMERI (Comparative Literature, ENS Lyon-Sorbonne Université)

SAV-CEFRES PhD mobility grants

Júlia ČÍŽOVÁ (History, Institute of History, Slovak Academy of Sciences)

CEFRES Platform PhD Fellowships

Kateřina FUKSOVÁ (History, Faculty of Social Sciences Charles University)

Jelena BOŽOVIĆ (Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, Charles University)

Waiting list (gives the right to become associate)

Vít POKORNÝ (History, Faculty of Arts, Charles University)

Jakub ZITKO (Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University)

Proposition to become associate to CEFRES

Aysha Farhana CHAKKAMPULLY (Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University)

Julia MIESENBÖCK (Translation studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University)