Actors between Dispositions and Context of Action: how to think the Unity of Social Sciences and Humanities

Prof. Bernard LAHIRE’s public inaugural lecture for CEFRES Platform

Place: Carolinum’s Patriotic Hall

Prof. Bernard Lahire teaches sociology at École Normale Supérieure in Lyon and is the vice-director of the Max Weber Center. He wrote on school failure and success in the working classes, popular appropriation modes of written culture, on the history of illiteracy, on French cultural practices, on life and creation conditions of writers, on Franz Kafka’s work, and on the historical relations between art and domination in the West. He conceptualized a theory of action, both “dispositional” and “contextual”, aiming at specifying and qualifying Bourdieu’s field theory and the related notion of habitus, thanks to his concept of “social game”. Bernard Lahire thus engages in an epistemological reflection on social sciences and their social functions. He also strove to show that social sciences should be taught from primary school upward (L’Esprit sociologique, 2005).

Bernard Lahire published about twenty books, among which:

L’Homme pluriel (Nathan, 1998)

La Culture des individus (La Découverte, 2004)

Franz Kafka. Éléments pour une théorie de la création littéraire (La Découverte, 2010)

Monde pluriel : penser l’unité des sciences sociales (Le Seuil, 2012).

The conference will be held in French, with simultaneous translation in Czech.