Conclusive Seminar of 2015-2016

CEFRES team gathers one last time before the Summer break to discuss their work. Where: Národní 18, 7th floor, conference room.

9:45-10:20 Giuseppe Bianco: From Paris to Prague and Back (1900-1937). The International Conferences of Philosophy Before and After World War I

10:20-10:55 Lara Bonneau: Light At the End of the Tunnel – On Aby Warburg’s Method

Coffee Break

11:10-11:45 Edita Wolf: Iudicium Between Concept and Metaphor

11:45-12:20 Monika Brenišínová: The (16th Century Mexico) Architecture of Conversion. Problems and Responses

12:20-12:55 Perin Emel Yavuz: Elsewhere Right Here. The Non-Offical Artists’ Art of Worldmaking in Bratislava, 1960-80

Lunch Break

14:30-14:55 István Pál Ádám: Budapest Concierges in Changing Times

14:55-15:30 Mátyás Erdélyi: The Case Study as a Methodological Tool in Habsburg History

Coffee Break

15:55-16:30 Jana Vargovčíková: Defining Legitimate Actors and Practices: What the Institutionalization of Lobbying Tells Us About Governance

16:30-17:05 Filip Vostal: Challenging the Culture of Slowness