“Domination” under the Third Reich

The second session of the Epistemological seminar organized by CEFRES (Jérôme Heurtaux) and the Institute for International studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (IMS FSV UK) (Tomáš Weiss and Mitchell Young) will be hosted by:

Pascal Schneider (PhD student at Paris-Sorbonne University, associated to CEFRES), who will introduce

The notion of “domination” under the Third Reich, taking the example of the annexed territories.

Venue: CEFRES library, Na Florenci 3, Prague 1
Time: 4:30-6 pm
Language: English
Texts to be read:
Beatrice HIBOU, “Introduction. The Legitimation of Authoritarian Domination: Dispositions to Obey and Constellation of Interests”, “Chap. I. Desire for Normality, Normative Processes and Power of Normalization” in : The Political Anatomy of Domination. Cham :The Political Anatomy of Domination, 2017, p. 1-32.