The naming conflicts “revolution” and “civil war” in Greece

A lecture by Maria Kokkinou (CEFRES)  in the frame of the Franco-czech historical seminar organized by Institute for Czech History of the Faculty of arts, Charles University (FFUK), in collaboration with CEFRES.

Venue: Faculty of Arts of Charles University, nám. J. Palacha 2, Prague 1, room 201
Time: 9:10-12:30
Language: French


This seminar aims to question the concept of (lost) revolution through a contemporary historical moment: the Greek Civil War (1946-49).  In order to achieve it, we will first present the balance of power of different actors (national and international) during a period that begins with the Occupation (1941) and extends until the outbreak of armed conflict.  In the second part we will try to provide some answers to the following questions: What was the political project of the Resistance movement for the day after the Liberation? “Was it possible, for a country in the camp of the West, for a social revolution or a Civil War guided by communists to succeed at that time? Was it possible for such a strong social movement to overturn the geopolitical relations that the Allies had accepted during World War II? ».