The Jews, Social Mobility, and Antisemitism in Late-Stalinist Moldavia

A lecture by Diana Dumitru (Ion Creanga State Pedagogical Institute, Chisinau) in the frame of the seminar on Modern Jewish History of the Institute of Contemporary History (AV ČR) and CEFRES in partnership with the Masaryk Institute (AV ČR)..

Where: CEFRES library, Na Florenci 3, 110 00 Prague 1
When: from 5 pm to 6:30 pm
Language: English

The history of Soviet Jews in the postwar era is traditionally viewed as a dark period, filled with repression, expulsion of Jews from the state machinery, and the coexistence of mass-based and state-supported antisemitism. An analysis of the Jewish situation in Soviet Moldavia challenges this monolithic view of the Jewish experience under late Stalinism, and demonstrates that local postwar circumstances encouraged a vigorous promotion of Jews in key positions in this republic.
Simultaneously, the presentation will seek to illuminate the impact of this new public visibility of Jews on the triangular relation between Jews, the state/party institutions, and non-Jews in Soviet Moldavia.

Illustration: Moses Chubat and his Friends (Kishinev 1947)