Visegrad Forum: Roger Chartier, between Warsaw & Prague


Monday 16 May – Warsaw

5-7 PM
Lecture and debate at the Institute of Polish Culture (IKP).
Topic: History of works, history of book, history of reading.
Materiality of the text and horizon of expectations.
Discussant: Paweł Rodak (IKP).

Tuesday 17 May –Warsaw

10-12 AM
IKP and Institute of History (Warsaw University) joint PhD seminar around Roger Chartier’s text « The Author’s Hand. Literary Archives, Criticism, and Edition »

Wednesday 18 May– Prague

9:30 AM-1 PM
Written culture and society in Czech regions, 16th-18th centuries.
Workshop in honour of Rogier Chartier organized by the Institute of Czech Literature. See the complete program here.
Speakers: Veronika Čapská (FHS UK), Claire Madl (CEFRES), Pavel Sládek (FF UK), Daniela Tinková (FF UK), Michael Wögerbauer (ÚČL AV ČR)
Discussant: Roger Chartier.
Michael Wögerbauer.
Where: Conference room of the Institute of Czech Literature,
Na Florenci 3.

6 PM
Lecture by Roger Chartier organized by CEFRES.
Topic: What is a book ? Answers of a Kant’s question. 
Where: Kino 35, French Institute of Prague.

Thursday 19 May – Prague

5 PM
PhD workshop around Roger Chartier lead by Jiří Hnilica (FPed UK).
Where: CEFRES Library, Na Florenci 3.