“Grand Entretien” with Ghassan Hage: Bourdieu and the Politics of Viability

On the occasion of the publication, in Czech language, of Pierre Bourdieu’s Pascalian Meditations (Karolinum Press; translated by  Jan Petříček) and within a series of workshops dedicated to Pierre Bourdieu’s legacy organized by CEFRES, Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences, Professor Ghassan HAGE will give a “Grand Entretien” at the French Institute in Prague.

Date: Thursday 1 December 2022, 17:00
Location: French Institute in Prague, Štěpánská 35, Prague 1
Organizers: CEFRES in partnership with the French Institute in Prague
Language: English
Moderation : Yasar Abu Ghosh (Faculty of Humanities, Charles Universities)

Ghassan Hage is a Lebanese-Australian anthropologist, professor at the University of Melbourne and currently visiting professor at Max Planck Institute in Halle. After graduating at Macquarie University and the University of Nice, he collaborated with Pierre Bourdieu at EHESS.

Specialized in comparative studies on nationalism, racism and multiculturalism, he devoted his fieldwork to Libanese diaspora, Middle East and Australia, and is renowned for his analyses of the construction of white populations’ social and cultural identity.
His conceptual work on the political dimension of critical sociology draws on Bourdieu’s oeuvre.

Among his publications:

  • The Diasporic Condition, University of Chicago Press, 2021.
  • Decay, Duke University Press, 2021.
  • Is Racism an Environmental Threat?, Polity Press, 2017.
  • Alter-Politics: Critical Anthropology and the Radical Imagination. Melbourne University Press,  2015.
  • White Nation: fantasies of White supremacy in a multicultural society, Routledge, 1998.