Conducting fieldwork in the post-socialist countryside

I. zasedání semináře CEFRESu 2021-2022

Conducting fieldwork in the post-socialist countryside. Crossed perspectives on ethnographic research in Mongolia and Belarus

Kdy: ve středu 6. října 2021, ve 16:30
Kde: v CEFRESu a online (k registraci napíšte na adresu claire(@)
Jazyk: angličtina
Veronika Gruca (doktorandka na univerzitě Paris-Nanterre a v CEFRESu)
Ronan Hervouet (profesor sociologie na univerzitě v Bordeaux hostující v CEFRESu s podporou CNRS v roce 2021-2022)

Veronique Gruca and Ronan Hervouet will both present their research based on fieldworks respectively led in Mongolia and Belarus, and cross perspectives in order to address issues regarding the access to the fieldwork, the ways of conducting research, and the use of gathered ethnographic data. Through the focus on two different research subjects – rituals and family stories in rural Mongolia, everyday politics in rural Belarus – the aim is to raise broader epistemological questions and lead to a common reflection on the ways of constructing ethnographic research.