2022-2023 Seminars

NANO seminar: Nature(s) & norms

The project “Nature(s) and Norms” implemented in cooperation between the Institute of Polish Culture and the UMR 8224 EUR’ORBEM, the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, in partnership with the French Centre for Research in Social Sciences in Prague is embeded into the Research Program SAMSON (Sciences, Arts, Medicine and Social Norms). It intends to conduct a series of seminars and workshops, the guiding principle of which is to analyse the process of formation of social norms. The aim is to examine the normative order of modernity, the representations and concepts of which will be explored at the intersection of art, literature, social and natural sciences, and medical discourse. The focus is on Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia and its normative processes in a period of intensive modernisation. The studied period is a crucial one for the development of European modernity, from the second half of the 18th century to the second half of the 20th century.

RETHINK. Objects, models, and methods in Humanities and Social Sciences since the invasion of Ukraine

Seminar within the program of the CEFRES non-residential fellowships for Ukrainian scholars in humanities and social sciences, 2023

From May 2023, the CEFRES Ukraine fellows in Humanities and Social Sciences will remotely present their current research projects in discussion with Czech, French, and international specialists of respective fields. Our goal is to analyze what the Russian invasion has done to our disciplines, objects, methods of research and ways of thinking. Together, we invite fellows, colleagues in situ and all interested public to rethink:

a. concrete projects and debates regarding knowledge under war conditions: connecting researchers, enhancing critical thinking and teaching while developing interactive tools;
b. methods and models of research facing the war: addressing displacement, disinformation, minority rights or cultural property;
c. epistemological objects – such as memory, identity, heritage, discipline, area, border, territory… – brutally (re)defined by the conflict and observed both by fellows in Ukraine and colleagues abroad.

CEFRES Seminar

One of CEFRES’s mission is to train the young researchers welcome at the center.

Since Autumn 2021, CEFRES gathers in a Research Seminar all its PhD fellows and researchers opened to young researchers and to MA and PhD students of its partners, within “CEFRES Platform” and in the four Visegrad countries.

Through the presentation of works in progress, CEFRES’s Seminar aims at raising and discussing issues about methods, approaches or concepts, in a multidisciplinary spirit, allowing everyone to confront her or his own perspectives with the research presented. The seminar can be led by a single researcher or in pairs, be based on a reading or a document, or welcome an external researcher invited to present particularly inspirative work.

Map and border. Francophone Seminar

In keeping with the traditions of CEFRES, the interdisciplinary seminar proposes to bring together one Friday per month, researchers, doctoral students, alumni and French-speaking friends of the Center to discuss issues at the crossroads of their respective disciplines. In 2023, we would like to begin by questioning the very act of delimiting and representing (a territory, a period, a trajectory), in short, using the crossfire of our respective disciplines, to question the map and the border.

French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences – Prague