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CFA: Internships at CEFRES for students from FSV UK

The applicants must be French and/or English speakers.

Within its cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, CEFRES welcomes MA or PhD students from this faculty as interns. Internships last from one to three months and grant ECTS credits in the student’s curriculum (1 month-4 ECTS, 2 months-8 ECTS, 3 months-12 ECTS). Continue reading CFA: Internships at CEFRES for students from FSV UK

Call for Applications: Czech Interns from FF UK at CEFRES

It is possible to apply at any time of the academic year. The applicants must be French and/or English speakers.

Within its cooperation with the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, CEFRES can welcome MA or PhD students from this faculty as interns starting from the academic year 2016-2017. Internships last from one to three months and grant ECTS credits in the student’s curriculum (1 month-4 ECTS, 2 months-8 ECTS, 3 months-12 ECTS).

Candidates must have a good level in French and/or English and preferably be studying French / English philology or translation. However, students from other social and human sciences can also apply.

The intern’s tasks are based on an agreement between the intern and his/her tutor at CEFRES, who will provide the intern with advice and support all through the duration of the internship. A workstation at CEFRES will be provided to each intern and the intern has full access to the library.

The intern’s tasks consist in helping in the day-to-day administration of the institution, which includes, but is not limited to, updating CEFRES website and social networks, translating between French / English and Czech, working at the library and taking part in the organization of the center’s scientific events.

The interns are required to write in French / English a report on their experience at CEFRES. This report will allow the tutor to evaluate the professional training acquired by the student at CEFRES. After the end of the internship, the intern will receive an evaluation form from his/her tutor.

Application package must be sent in both languages: French / English and Czech and include:

  • a CV
  • a cover letter explaining your project and your expectations in terms of learning and training, and stating the period of internship required

For questions on the application procedure, contact us at this address: cefres(@)
tel.: +420 224 921 400


New PhD Fellows at CEFRES 2021-2022

The interdisciplinary selection jury of the CEFRES mobility grants auditioned 12 candidates on June the 2nd, 2020. After deliberating, the jury have decided as follows:

Young Researcher Fellowships 

  1. Vojtech Pojar (CEU): Experts in Post-imperial Transitions: Entanglements and Diverging Trajectories of Eugenicists between the Habsburg Empire and the Nation States, 1912–1939
  2. Agnieszka Sobolewska (University of Warsaw): Entre l’autoanalyse et l’autobiographie. Pratiques quotidiennes de l’écriture des premiers psychanalystes et l’importance des documents intimes pour le développement de la théorie freudienne
  3. Nikola Ludlová (CEU): Roma as an Object of Science and State Polices. Knowledge and Citizens in the Making in Post-war Czechoslovakia, 1945–1989
  4. Véronique Gruca (Paris-Nanterre University): Chamanisme, mort et mines en Mongolie post-communiste

CEFRES Platform PhD Fellowships

  1. Jan Kremer (UK): Digital Game as a Representation of History

Associated PhD Fellows

Honoré Banidjé (UK): La construction nationale au Bénin (1894-1975), un exemple centre européen?
Adrien Beauduin (CEU): Réarticulations de genre, sexualité, race et classe dans la droite radicale populiste en Tchéquie et en Pologne
Eva Kotasková (Masaryk University): From Coal Mining Production to Wilderness Industry: Ethnography of Svalbard Archipelago
Barbora Kyereko (UK): « Cocoa is Ghana, Ghana is Cocoa »: Ethnography of Research Institut
Dusan Ljuboja (Eötvös Loránd University): The State, Nationalism and Pan-Slavism in the “Age of Metternich” (1815-1848) – The Case of the Serbs of Pest and Buda

CFA – Research and teaching stay at the EHESS in Paris

Call for Applications: one month visiting professor at École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris.

As part of the cooperation agreement between EHESS, CEFRES, Charles University in Prague and the Czech Academy of Sciences, concluded with the aim of intensifying Franco-Czech scientific exchanges in the field of humanities and social sciences, EHESS proposes the hosting of a teacher/researcher from Charles University or the Czech Academy of Sciences for one month between October and December 2021.

Continue reading CFA – Research and teaching stay at the EHESS in Paris


The interdisciplinary selection jury of the CEFRES mobility grants auditioned 14 candidates on May 28, 2019. It congratulates all the candidates for the high quality of their file and their hearing.

After deliberating, the jury have decided:

  1. To give a one-year « Young fellow » grant to M. Eraldo Souza dos Santo (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne ), to support his research entitled “Désobéissance civile : Un essai de généalogie conceptuelle”.
  2. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to M. Jakub Střelec(FSV UK), to support his research entitled „How to cure the war? The development of psychiatric knowledge and its impact on the social stability of post-war European societies between 1945 and 1968: A comparison of ‘deviant’ crimes in Prague, Düsseldorf, and London“.
  3. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to M. Felipe Fernandes (EHESS) to support his research entitled „Les migrants vietnamiens en République tchèque: une étude sur les lignées familiales et les réseaux économiques au marché de Sapa (Prague)“.
  4. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to Mrs Františka Zezuláková Schormová (FF UK) to support her research entitled „African American Poets Abroad: Black and Red Allegiances in Early Cold War Czechoslovakia“.
  5. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to Mrs Yulia Moskvina (FSV UK) to support her research entitled „State, Squat, Society“.

It has also decided to propose a contract of Phd Student Associate to the following candidates:

– Mrs Ekaterina Zheltova (FSV UK): „National belonging, transnational localities, and ideologies of language: Discursive practices at the Greek-Albanian borderlands.

– Mrs Anna Simbartlová (FFV UK): “Civic Integration of Immigrants in Central Europe: Case of Austria and the Czech Republic“.

– M. Vojtěch Šarše (FF UK), „The Image of Cultural Decline in the Anticolonial Francophone Sub-Saharan Novel: The processes of subjectivation, objectivation, reification and identity emptiness“.

– Mrs Tereza Sedláčková (FSV UK): „Multiple Responsibilities in the Context of Compulsory Vaccination System in the Czech Republic“.

– M. Pavol Kosnáč (Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University in Brno): „Paramilitary Groups in Slovakia: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Structure, Motivation and Environment“. 

All the winners are asked to contact me ( without delay (copy to to inform me of their decision regarding the scholarship or the contract of association.

CfA: Two Post-Doctoral Positions at CEFRES – Charles University


Deadline for submission: 23 August 2017
Period: 1 January 2018—31 December 2019
Application Language: English only
Address for submission:

Selected post-doctoral researchers will be informed on 2 October 2017. 

Two post-doctoral researchers will be recruited from 1 January 2018 at CEFRES with the support of the Charles University. They will be both affiliated to CEFRES and to a relevant department at Charles University. Each one will work on their individual research and in cooperation with a senior researcher of the center within the frame of a collective research project. Applicants must select one of the projects below.
Both post-doctoral researchers will be recruited on the basis of the quality of the research they conduct and their befitting the research programs they intend to join.
Research project 1: “Archives and Interculturality”
This research project will associate one post-doctoral researcher with CNRS researcher Benedetta Zaccarello.
Description: Candidates should be trained on and familiar with research on autograph manuscripts, notably on archives relevant to philosophy and the history of thought. We encourage applicants whose approach emphasizes the historical, textual and intercultural value of those documents, focusing on multilingual corpus inspired by or dealing with different traditions, both in space and time. An interdisciplinary approach is preferred, as well as some experience in the field of the edition of unpublished texts and in the methodology of genetic criticism.
Applicants may contact Mrs Zaccarello before applying for any relevant questions on their application. Please write at:
Research project 2. TANDEM post-doctoral position

A specific competition to recruit a second post-doctoral researcher is open for competition on one out of three possible topics listed below. He/She will work in association with a researcher from the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) within the frame of the TANDEM program.

Topic 1: “Cosmopolitics of Hunt: Bringing Europe into Perspective”

This research project will associate one post-doctoral researcher with CAS researcher Luděk Brož.
Description: Candidates across social sciences and humanities are invited to explore how “wild species” have featured in human lives, and vice versa, in dynamically changing socio-environmental contexts. Successful applicants are expected to develop their own niche of empirical inquiry and, using methodology aligned with their respective disciplines, focus on “wild species” – human relationships as both a topic in its own right, and a strategic viewpoint on other issues of social and academic relevance. The supported candidate should be ready to engage in reflexive interdisciplinary collaboration.
Applicants may contact Mr Brož before applying for any relevant questions on their application. Please write at: 

Topic 2: “Denaturalisation and refugees in Europe in the first half of the 20th century”
This research project will associate one post-doctoral researcher with CAS researcher Michal Frankl.
Description: The project aims to develop a comparative perspective on large-scale denaturalisations in Europe in the first half of the 20th century and to probe the intrinsic connection between the status of the citizen and the position of the refugee. The applicant will show interest into research on citizenship, statelessness and/or refugees and should have background in historical and archival research (but an interdisciplinary combination with related disciplines is also possible and encouraged). Within the project s/he will be tasked with assessing existing body of research, working with the PI to develop the project methodology and conducting original research on mass revocations of citizenship and refugee policies. S/he should demonstrate interest in comparative history and explain his/her ability to contribute to a European comparative project (for instance, but not limited to, knowledge of the French and/or other national/regional contexts and languages).
Applicants may contact Mr. Frankl at with questions pertaining to the research project and the application.

Topic 3: “Islamic Activists in Exile: Europe, Middle East and South-Asia”

This research project will associate one post-doctoral researcher with CAS researcher Giedre Sabaseviciute.
Description: Candidates will be expected to contribute to the project on the contemporary exiled Islamic activists in European, Middle Eastern and South-Asian cities. The project aims to research the ways in which the experience of exile affect the trajectories of activism, focusing on how different national context influence their career choices, which vary between the continuation of activism, involvement into different causes, or disengagement. Possible research topics include but are not restricted to 1- circulation of ideas, norms and activism through human networks; 2- patterns of activist network formation; 3- relationship between the exiled activists and their host countries; 4- continuities and ruptures in individual trajectories of activism. Candidates are expected to have conducted their doctoral research in one of the regions covered by the project (The Gulf, Turkey, South-Asia), to be proficient of one of its languages (Turkish, Arabic, Malay), and have an important knowledge of the fieldwork. Interdisciplinary approach is preferred, as well as some experience in ethnographic and biographical research, media studies, and discourse analysis.
Applicants may contact Giedre Sabaseviciute before applying for any relevant questions on their application. Please write to:

Application Package

Applicants should provide the following documents:

  • The application form duly filled in: download HERE. The application form includes the description of a research project. The research project must:
    • specify the name of the research project you want to apply to (for ex. “Archives and Intertextuality”) and explain how your research befits it.
    • include an explanation on the methodology and inputs of your own research, as well as a selected bibliography (max. 1 page-long)
    • include outcomes (publications, conferences, and so forth).
  • A letter of reference from the PhD supervisor: download HERE. The letter must include a statement from the PhD supervisor (mentionning topic of the PhD and whether candidate was successful with it, and so forth)
  • A detailed CV
  • A list of publications
  • A copy of the PhD diploma

Application packages must be submitted by 23 August 2017 electronically in an email entitled “YOUR LAST NAME_CEFRES-UK” at: Please send the application form in both PDF and as a Word-document. Applicants are welcome to contact the PIs of the research projects they apply to.

Eligibility Criteria

  • be high-level researchers from abroad, who defended their PhD no more than 10 years prior to the application deadline in a university outside the Czech Republic
  • conducting a research befitting one of the research projects described above
  • good command of English is mandatory

Framework of the Charles University and CEFRES post-doctoral position

As a partner of CEFRES Platform, Charles University recruits two high-quality post-doctoral research fellows from abroad, to become researchers at CEFRES, within the frame of the Charles University’s International Post-Doc Research Fund. The gross monthly salary is 32 000 CZK and a fixed-term contract will be signed between each post-doctoral researcher and CEFRES. UK-CEFRES post-doctoral researchers will be affiliated to both CEFRES and a relevant department of one of the faculties in social sciences and humanities of the Charles University according to their main discipline.
They are expected to:
  • contribute through their own research to the research project they apply to
  • take part in the scientific life of CEFRES
  • submit a yearly report on their research to the director of CEFRES
  • come to live in Prague from 1 January 2018.

Calls for applications will be published on Charles University’s website on 1 July 2017. CEFRES will be amongst the hosting institutions of the University Post-Doc Research Fund.