A view from abroad: Czechoslovaks in World War II and the early Cold War

Discussion around Paul Lenormand’s book Tchécoslovaques en guerre (Passés composés 2023)

Date: 7 December, 2023, from 4 p.m.
Location: CEFRES, Na Florenci 3
Language: English

Organizors: CEFRES; University Paris-Nanterre / Institut des sciences sociales du politique (ISP); Research Center „Postwar(s). Political and Social Changes during and after the Second World War“ at the Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (IMS FSV UK)

Chair: Jakub Štofaník, Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences (MÚA AVČR)

Discussant: Václav Šmidrkal, Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (IMS FSV UK)

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“Grand entretien” with Xavier Galmiche

Interview with Xavier Galmiche on the publication of two books in Czech: Le Poulailler métaphysique (Revolver Revue, 2023) and Znaky a přízraky (Karolinum, 2023).

Date: 6th December, 2023, from 6.p.m.
Location: French Institute in Prague, Štěpánská 644/35, 110 00 Nové Město, Prague.
Language: French and Czech (simultaneous translation)

Partners of the event: CEFRES, French Institute in Prague, Charles University and Karolinum Press

Chair: Mateusz Chmurski, director of CEFRES, associate professor in Polish & Central European literature at Sorbonne University.

Discussant: Xavier Galmiche, Professor of Czech and Central European Literature and History at Sorbonne University.

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CEFRES Review of books – June 2023

The next edition of CEFRES Review of Books will take place on

Tuesday, June 27th, at 3 pm,
at CEFRES Library (Na Florenci 3, Prague 1)
in French.

This informal meeting gathers CEFRES team, library readers, and professionals from libraries and publishing. The aim of our Review of Books is to make better known the publishing landscape in humanities and social sciences. Each book is presented in French and in no more than 10 minutes, so to stress its originality and stakes. A short discussion follows each presentation. Continue reading CEFRES Review of books – June 2023

A French Perspective on Czech History. Svět knihy 2023

Presentation of the book: Marie-Elizabeth Ducreux Proměny společnosti ve střední Evropě v 17. a 18. století. Nakl. Karolinum, 2023 organized by the French Institute in Prague, Karolinum Publishing and CEFRES.

With the participation of the auteur, the scientific editors and the translator of the book.

  • Marie-Elizabeth Ducreux (EHESS), the author
  • Ivana Čornejová (Charles University), scientific editor
  • Zdeněk Hojda (Charles University), Scientific editor and moderator
  • Adéla Stříbrná (PhD student at Charles University & Université Paris-Nanterre), translator

When: Friday 12 May 2023, 3 pm
Where: Svět knihy, Výstaviště, Prague 7, Hall “Mluvného slova”
Langauge: Czech

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A Golden Rhinoceros. Africa in the Middle Ages

On the occasion of the publication, in Czech, of the Golden Rhinoceros, and his invitation by the French Institute in Prague and Charles University in partnership with CEFRES, François-Xavier FAUVELLE presents his book at the French Institute in Prague.

Where: French Institute in Prague, Štěpánská 35, Prague 1
Date: Wednesday 12 October 2022, at 6 pm
Language: in French with simultaneous translation into Czech
Organizers: CEFRES, French Institute in Prague, Charles University

The discussion will be moderated by Irena Jirků, journalist.

The description of a city with twelve mosques in an Arabic story about the Sahel regions; a letter from a Jewish merchant about a caravan from the “Land of the Blacks”; the discovery, in the middle of the Sahara, of shells from the Indian Ocean; the effigy of a Malian king on a Catalan map; the ruins of cities built of salt and coral blocks. And gold: a gold shield in a tomb in Senegal; gold coins found in a Christian monastery in Ethiopia; a golden rhinoceros looted and found in South Africa. All these documents testify to the diversity and richness of Africa in the Middle Ages. In his book Le Rhinocéros d’or, François-Xavier Fauvelle reconstructs, with the help of these fragments, a “stained glass window” that reveals forgotten kingdoms, from the savannah empires of West Africa to the coastal principalities of Kenya and Tanzania. An Africa that participates in the great trade with the Islamic world, India and China, reexamining the places and actors of a global Middle Ages.

François-Xavier Fauvelle is professor at Collège de France in Paris, first holder of the chair entitled History and archeology of African worlds. He has taught at Princeton University, led international research programs in South Africa, Ethiopia and Morocco. Among more than twenty books translated into a dozen of languages, he is the author of A Golden Rhinoceros. Histories of African Middle Ages that has been published in Czech in 2021: Zlatý nosorožec: příběhy o africkém středověku (Karolinum, 2021, transl. Alena Lhotová, Helena Beguivinová).

Special Book Review – June 2022

CEFRES Book Review

For this special edition of the CEFRES Book Review, we will meet Luba Jurgenson, professor of Russian literature at Sorbonne University, director of Eur’ORBEM, translator, author of fiction, essayist and editor-in-chief of various book series, and we will discuss her latest book.

When: Tuesday, June 28th, at 3:30 p.m.
Where: CEFRES Library, Na Florenci 3, Prague (link to online meeting on request – cefres@cefres.cz)
Language: French

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