Exiles and exiled memories of vanished worlds

“We never talked about you, but you were always there, Algeria.” Exiles and exiled memories of vanished worlds

6th session of CEFRES in-house seminar 2022-2023.
Through the presentation of works in progress, CEFRES’s Seminar aims at raising and discussing issues about methods, approaches or concepts, in a multidisciplinary spirit, allowing everyone to confront her or his own perspectives with the research presented.

Location: CEFRES Library and online
14th of March

Michèle Baussant (CNRS, CEFRES/ Institut Convergences Migrations)
Discussant: Emina Zoletić  (CEFRES / University of Warsaw)


In this communication, I propose to reflect on what led me to work on displaced and dispersed people from colonial worlds that no longer exist. I describe how I discovered the genealogy of their fragmented worlds and their way of inscribing time in physical space – starting with that of bodies -. The interrogations that raised in me the multiple worlds these displaced people opened to me led me to finally work on the notion of “non-persons”, persons placed between presence and absence, recognition and exclusion.

See the complete program of the seminar here.