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Contested energy transitions

Contested energy transitions.
Conflicts and Social innovations in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and France

A project carried out within the TANDEM program CNRS/AVČR, developed by the Czech Academy of Sciences, Charles University and CEFRES/CNRS united within the Platform for Cooperation and Excellence in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Principal investigators: Martin Ďurďovič, Gilles Lepesant
Member of the team: Krzysztof Tarkowski

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has induced energy security challenges. The goal of the European Green Deal (2019) to reach climate neutrality by 2050 remains, however, the target. Achieving it implies an increase in low-carbon energy sources and changes in energy production, distribution, consumption, and conservation. Overcoming misconceptions and conflicts to achieve a just and fair transition is in this context crucial. This project focuses precisely on innovations and on challenges ahead in four countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and France). Continue reading Contested energy transitions