Household, kinship, intimacy: the reconfiguration of living together

Household, kinship, intimacy: the reconfiguration of living together

Ph students’ workshop, EHESS-CEFRES, CEFRES Library, Na Florenci 3, Prague

When: May 3, 2022, 9:30 am-6:00 pm
Where: At CEFRES and online
Language: English

Coordinators: Emmanuel Desveaux (EHESS), Falk Bretschneider (coordinator of the EHESS-CEFRES cooperation), Jérôme Heurtaux (CEFRES), Petr Gibas (CAS)

Supervisors: Valeria Siniscalchi (EHESS, centre Norbert Elias, Marseille), Chloé Mondémé (CNRS), Michèle Baussant (CEFRES), Claire Madl (CEFRES)

The conference will be at CEFRES and simultaneously on zoom:

Meeting ID: 835 1284 8136

Passcode: 975084

See the program below.

9h30 | Welcoming and presentation of the participants (Jérôme Heurtaux, Falk Breitschneider, Valeria Siniscalchi, Emmanuel Désveaux)

9h45 | Emmanuel Désveaux, What is a house ? An anthropological point of view.

10h45 | First general discussion

11h | Coffee break

11h15 | Barbora Kyereko, Cocoa and kinship among the matrilinear Akans of Ghana

12h | Véronique Gruca, Restoring balance after disruption. The organisation and reorganisation of daily life within a household of nomadic pastoralists in rural Mongolia

13h | Lunch

14h | Tuğba Gökduman, The (De)Sacralization of the Household: On Intimate Autonomy of Young Women in Contemporary Turkey

14h45 | Astrid Greve Kristensen, The Bosom of the House: Orphans’ Homes in Post-war Literature

15h30 | Coffee Break

15h45 | Vojtěch Pojar, Between “Reducing the Rural Overpopulation” and “Boosting the Aggregate Demand”: Great Depression and the Reconfiguration of Expert Debates about Rural Families and Their Reproductive Choices in Interwar Czechoslovakia

16h30 | Second general discussion