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The Czech Coordination System of European Affairs and Its Inclusiveness

Viera KNUTELSKÁ, The Czech Coordination System of European Affairs and Its Inclusiveness, Etudes du CEFRES, N° 16, 2013, 27 p.

The paper aims to analyse the inclusiveness of position formation in the area of European affairs in the Czech Republic. It first offers a brief description of the Czech coordination mechanism in European affairs, and then analyses mutual relations and debate between the key institutions (Office of the Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and main Czech think-tanks in the area of European affairs (mainly Europeum, AMO, Evropské hodnoty). The openness of the system to accept outside expert input is manifested on some key cases, such as the Fiscal Compact, Czech Strategy in European Union, etc. The access of think-tanks to governmental institutions is found to be generally very good, although the reflection of their input by the decision-makers seems to be rather limited, which is attributed mainly to diverging opinions within the coordination system itself and the low salience of European affairs on political level.

The author

Viera Knutelská is a lecturer at the Department of International Relations of the Institute of Political Studies – Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague. She held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at CEFRES for the summer term (February 1st – July 31st, 2013).