Advertisement for the journal Hollar in Umeni 1936

The Matrix of Photomechanical Reproductions of Art

The Matrix of Photomechanical Reproductions of Art. Research Project Presentation

CEFRES Seminar #1

Fedora Parkmann (post-doktorantka, CEFRES)
Hana Buddeus (ÚDU AVČR)

Kde: knihovna CEFRES a online
Kdy: pátek 23. září 2022, 16:30–18:30
Jazyk: angličtina
Kontakt: cefres[@]


Funded by the Czech Academy of Sciences, the project The Matrix of Photomechanical Reproductions: Histories of Remote Access to Art examines the rise and spread of photo-reproductions in Czech, French, German and Russian art journals from 1900 to 1950. Combining digital humanities with archival research, the goal is to expand our historical knowledge, from local to transnational, and from empirical to big data, thereby opening new insights into the use of remote access to art in the digital age. This talk will retrace the different steps that led from conceiving the project to submitting a proposal and discuss the methodology and aims of the project.

Program Semináře CEFRESu na rok 2022–2033 najdete zde.

Obrázek : Advertisement for the journal Hollar, published in Umění, n°9-10, 1936.