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Intern at CEFRES

Applications are open to all French-speaking and/or English-speaking students throughout the academic year.

The Centre français de recherche en sciences sociales is actively seeking interns for periods of one to several months. It offers the exceptional opportunity to work as part of a team of researchers in a laboratory based in Prague, under the joint supervision of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), and liaising with researchers based in the four countries of the Visegrád group.

Internships may be scientific in nature (fieldwork or consulting archives as part of a research project, joining the centre’s scientific network, etc.) or administrative. In both cases, the aim of the proposed internship is to contribute to CEFRES’ scientific development missions and to provide support for the running of the research centre in collaboration with its team.

The trainee’s tasks will involve participating in the day-to-day running of the institution. The student will therefore be required to:

  • Help organise the centre’s activities: seminars, conferences, meetings, hosting researchers of all levels.
  • Contributing to scientific communication tasks: writing reports on CEFRES scientific events for the notebook, distributing the newsletter.
  • Spreading research: contributing to the running of CEFRES’ trilingual networks (editing, translation, publication), especially the CEFRES website and its social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).
  • Assisting with the management of the library’s holdings: tasks relating to library services such as updating the inventory, labelling books and emphasizing the value of the collection.
  • Students can carry out their own fieldwork in Prague as part of their studies.

The course activities are based on an agreement between CEFRES and the trainees. They are agreed in advance between the trainees and their tutor. The trainee will be accompanied throughout the internship by a tutor: different tutors may take charge of the trainee depending on the theme or task chosen. The tutor is committed to taking the time to explain to the trainee the scientific methods and issues relating to his/her work.

Trainees are required to write a report on their experience and learning, in the form of either a scientific paper or a course report. This report will allow us to measure the knowledge acquired by the intern at CEFRES. At the end of the internship, the intern will receive a certificate from his/her tutor.

Desired profile

This internship is open to students enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree programme in the humanities and social sciences. Professional or personal experience in Central European countries as well as a good level of English. Any knowledge of Czech/Slovakian/Polish/Hungarian will be appreciated.

How to apply

Please send Claire Madl, Deputy Director of CEFRES ( :

  • a CV,
  • a covering letter, describing your project and your expectations in terms of learning and training, as well as the period considered,
  • a learning agreement from your university.

Applications can be submitted throughout the year, at least 3 months before the planned start date of the internship.

As part of its cooperation with the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University, CEFRES will be able to take on Master’s and PhD students from this faculty as interns from the 2016-2017 academic year. Internships last from one to three months and are awarded ECTS credits as part of their course (1 month-4 ECTS, 2 months-8 ECTS, 3 months-12 ECTS).

Candidates whose applications are selected will be invited to a virtual interview. For further information, feel free to contact us.

Eligibility for Erasmus+ internship grant

If the duration of your traineeship is 60 days or longer, you may be eligible for an Erasmus+ traineeship mobility grant (SMT).

Please contact your school’s Erasmus+ Office for further informations.

CFA: Two Postdoctoral positions at CEFRES

Two Postdoctoral positions at CEFRES, 2024–2025

Deadline for submission: 15 October 2023
Publication of the results: 31 October 2023
Period: 1st January 2024—31st  December 2025

Application Language: English
Address for submission: (send a copy to:

Two post-doctoral researchers will be recruited from 1 January 2024 for two years at CEFRES. They will be both affiliated to CEFRES and to a relevant department for their research at Charles University (UK). The selection of both post-doctoral researchers will be based on the quality of their research project and its adequation to the research area or the research project it intends to contribute to.  Continue reading CFA: Two Postdoctoral positions at CEFRES

CFA – TANDEM Program, CNRS / AV ČR 2024-2025

The French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences in Prague (CEFRES) in Prague, the French National Research Center (CNRS), and the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS)  are launching the fourth call for applications for the TANDEM incubator program of the CEFRES Platform. TANDEM program endeavors excellency in social sciences and humanities by bringing together Czech and French colleagues to intensify scientific collaboration between our countries in the frame of European Research Area.

The aim of the program is to associate two researchers, one from the CAS and one from CNRS or affiliated to CNRS (i.e. member of an UMR) around a joint research project leading to foster joint Czech-French scientific collaboration through the submission of a project proposal:


One TANDEM team will be selected and will work for two years, starting in February 2024 and it will be based at CEFRES in Prague.

  • The CAS researcher of the TANDEM team will be appointed for 50% of his/her work time at CEFRES with extra salary
  • The researcher from CNRS will benefit subsequently:
  • The TANDEM team will also recruit a post-doctoral researcher co-funded by CEFRES and the Charles University for 2 years (2024-2026). The call will be announced on both Charles University and CEFRES websites.

During the common research period the recipients:

  • will be expected to organize one Czech-French and (Central-)European scientific event at the CEFRES per year (workshop, seminar, conference)
  • will be advised to participate in the common ERC pipeline launched by Charles University & the Czech Academy of Sciences
  • will be offered the support of the Institute of Humanities & Social Sciences of the CNRS in developing European research applications.


The selection will be based on the potential of the team to submit a successful project proposal. Members of the selection committee are representatives of the CAS, CEFRES, CNRS and Charles University.

Project proposals in English (preferred) or in French must be completed and submitted within the stated deadline. Knowledge of English is enough for those interested (the aim of the program is not only to support French-speaking applicants).

It is highly recommended the applicants contact the program coordinators on the behalf of CAS & CEFRES before submitting their proposal: an ad-hoc webinar to discuss both scientific and practical issues may be organized if needed.

IMPORTANT: Information on the TANDEM program is published by the CAS (for researchers from the CAS) and at the same time by the CEFRES (for researchers from the CNRS).

CAS researchers should submit their applications exclusively via the KIS online application ( An approval of the CAS Institute Director is necessary in the KIS application.

CNRS researchers should send their applications to Mr Mateusz Chmurski, Director of CEFRES (please find the contact below).


Opening of the call: March 10, 2023
Deadline for submissions: August 25, 2023, 23:59 CET
Selection of the team by the CAS-CEFRES Committee: September 2023
SMI & delegation / affiliation applications (CNRS): October 2023 / February 2024
Launch of the selected project: February 1, 2024



Please send any inquiries related to your TANDEM application to the following coordinators:

  • Mateusz Chmurski, Director of CEFRES: CEFRES may help CNRS (or CAS) applicants to find potential CAS (or CNRS) research partners, tel.: (+420) 224 921 400
  • Jana Whalen, CAS, Division of International Cooperation, Národní 3, 117 20 Prague 1, , tel.: (+420) 221 403 354


CFA – 2023 Slovak PhD students mobility grants at CEFRES

Call for application for 2nd year and above PhD students enrolled at the Slovak Academy of Sciences or the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University.

Deadline for submission:  April 15, 2023 (call open)
Duration:  September 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024

The Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University (FiF UK), the French Institute Slovakia (IFS) & CEFRES offer nine-months-long mobility grants at the CEFRES to 2nd year and above PhD students enrolled either at the SAS or the FiF UK. The amount of the mobility grant is of 4500 € per period of  9 months, cumulative with the PhD scholarships at SAS / FiF UK. Good command of English is mandatory, command of French is appreciated. The selected PhD fellows will join CEFRES team and actively take part in the center’s scientific life. Fellows’ research should contribute to one of CEFRES’s research areas.

Continue reading CFA – 2023 Slovak PhD students mobility grants at CEFRES

CFA – 2023 CEFRES Platform PhD Fellowships

Call for applications for 2nd year and above PhD students at the Charles University or the Czech Academy of Sciences

Deadline for submission: 31 March 2023 (call open)
Duration: 1 September 2023 – 31 August 2024

In the frame of its Platform, CEFRES offers a year-long fellowship to PhD students enrolled at the Charles University and/or working as fellows at the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic. Fellows’ research should contribute to one of CEFRES’s research areas. The amount of the fellowship is 225 000 CZK per year. Good command of English is mandatory, command of French is appreciated. The selected PhD fellows will join CEFRES team and take part in the center’s scientific life. Continue reading CFA – 2023 CEFRES Platform PhD Fellowships

CFA – Cefres non-residential fellowships for Ukrainian researchers

Cefres non-residential fellowships for Ukrainian researchers in humanities and social sciences (Українська нижче)

The French Center for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences (CEFRES) in close collaboration with the French Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs, the French Embassy and Institute in Ukraine as well as Czech partner institutions launches a program of non-residential fellowships for Ukrainian researchers in humanities and social sciences.
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