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CFP – The “Voice from Below”. Workshop EHESS–CEFRES

The “Voice from Below” – In the Face of Repression and Arbitrary State Violence

This PhD Students Workshop is organized within the cooperation agreement signed by EHESS, CEFRES, Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Date: 22 November, 2024
Location: CEFRES, Na Florenci 3, Prague 1 (and online)
Deadline for application submissions: 1 September, 2024
Deadline for paper submissions: 30 October, 2024
Language of the workshop: English

When we talk about the forms of resistance and protest that developed in the face of the authoritarian system we are primarily concerned with demonstrations that were quickly and brutally interrupted, acts of desperation such as immolation by fire, or the development of clandestine publications, copied and passed from hand to hand. This is the case for example in the USSR and the countries under its domination, but also in any other authoritarian state, While much research today has renewed the study of these actions, particularly what is referred to as dissidence, there remain many more individual forms of action which, without being an explicit confrontation with the authorities, can be likened to protests, profound questioning of the foundations of the system, attempts to extricate oneself from a repressive process felt to be unjust or expressing unacceptable forms of political violence.

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Representing same-sex desire

Representing same-sex desire.
Local contexts, global circulations

A project funded by the 4EU+ University Alliance, developed by Sorbonne University (Paris), the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (Prague), the Universities of Copenhaguen, Milan and Warsaw, and CEFRES.

Project coordinators:

Josef Šebek, Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Czech and Comparative Literature – principal investigator of the 4EU+ minigrant
Mateusz Chmurski, CEFRES – French Center for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, Prague / Sorbonne Université
Carlotta Cossutta, Università degli Studi di Milano Statale / FUEL – Feminist and Queer Philosophy Lab
Libuše Heczková, Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Czech and Comparative Literature / Centre of Gender Studies
Anton Juul, University of Copenhagen / Centre for Gender, Sexuality and Difference
Iwona Kurz, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Instytut Kultury Polskiej
Jean-François Laplénie, Sorbonne Université / Initiative Genre Philomel


The project intends to develop a network of 4EU+ colleagues working on LGBTQ+ cultural and literary history around a book project for the International Comparative Literature Association series’ Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages (ICLA CHLEL). Continue reading Representing same-sex desire

Central-European Masculinities

Central-European Masculinities in a Comparative Perspective

A project developed by the Institute of Literary Studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice (IL WNH UŚ), the Department of Czech and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (ÚČLK FF UK), the Institute of Czech Literature at the Czech Academy of Sciences (ÚČL AV ČR), the Institute of Polish Culture at the Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw (IKP WP UW), the Institute of Slovak Literature at the Slovak Academy of Sciences (ÚSL SAV), the Center for Social Sciences – Sociology Institute (HUN-REN TK SZI), and the French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences, Prague (CEFRES, CNRS-MEAE), supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research through the PARCECO program.

Time and place: June 19th and 20th, 2024, at CEFRES, Na Florenci 3, Prague 1, and November 14th and 15th, 2024, at the University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland.
Language: French, English
Organizers: Wojciech Śmieja (IL WNH UŚ), Mateusz Chmurski (CEFRES/Sorbonne), Iwona Kurz (IKP WP UW), Richard Müller (ÚČL AV ČR), Josef Šebek (ÚČLK FF UK), Ivana Taranenková (ÚSL SAV)


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Contested energy transitions

Contested energy transitions.
Conflicts and Social innovations in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and France

A project carried out within the TANDEM program CNRS/AVČR, developed by the Czech Academy of Sciences, Charles University and CEFRES/CNRS united within the Platform for Cooperation and Excellence in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Principal investigators: Martin Ďurďovič, Gilles Lepesant
Member of the team: Krzysztof Tarkowski

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has induced energy security challenges. The goal of the European Green Deal (2019) to reach climate neutrality by 2050 remains, however, the target. Achieving it implies an increase in low-carbon energy sources and changes in energy production, distribution, consumption, and conservation. Overcoming misconceptions and conflicts to achieve a just and fair transition is in this context crucial. This project focuses precisely on innovations and on challenges ahead in four countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and France). Continue reading Contested energy transitions

NANO: Nature(s) & norms

A project carried out within the framework of the research program SAMSON: Sciences, Arts, Medicine and Social Norms, developed by Sorbonne University (Paris), the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (Prague), Warsaw University and CEFRES.

The project “Nature(s) and Norms” implemented in cooperation between the Institute of Polish Culture and the UMR 8224 EUR’ORBEM, in partnership with the French Centre for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences in Prague intends to conduct a series of seminars and workshops, the guiding principle of which is to analyse the process of formation of social norms. The aim is to examine the normative order of modernity, the representations and concepts of which will be explored at the intersection of art, literature, social and natural sciences, and medical discourse. The focus is on Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia and its normative processes in a period of intensive modernisation. The studied period is a crucial one for the development of European modernity, from the second half of the 18th century to the second half of the 20th century.

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Bewildering Boar: Changing Cosmopolitics of the Hunt in Europe and Beyond

Project within the TANDEM program of The Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS), Charles University and CEFRES/CNRS based on the CEFRES Platform’s cooperation and endeavour to excellency in social and human sciences.

Eurasian wild pigs (Sus scrofa) feature regularly in European public discourse, for their numbers have been rising spectacularly across the continent. While in some parts of Europe this by now synanthropic species generates sympathy, in other contexts humans have declared war on wild boars for causing extensive damage to landscapes, agriculture, transportation networks and so on. In this context, we are asking how the Eurasian wild pig has featured in human lives, and vice versa, in dynamically changing socio-environmental contexts. Our search for answers will take two routes.

First, we will focus on the wild pig in its own right and its multiple relations with humans. Especially the relation of predation will be an important case study for our research. Studies of hunting in non-European contexts (e.g., Africa, Amazonia, Siberia) have led to numerous theoretical and methodological innovations in the field of social anthropology, from the exploration of hunter-gatherer societies nested in the paradigm of the natural sciences to the recent phenomenological return to animism as an analytical category. However, topics such as European hunting and game management have been largely excluded from the corresponding bodies of literature, something that we would like to redress.

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