The interdisciplinary selection jury of the CEFRES mobility grants auditioned 14 candidates on May 28, 2019. It congratulates all the candidates for the high quality of their file and their hearing.

After deliberating, the jury have decided:

  1. To give a one-year « Young fellow » grant to M. Eraldo Souza dos Santo (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne ), to support his research entitled “Désobéissance civile : Un essai de généalogie conceptuelle”.
  2. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to M. Jakub Střelec(FSV UK), to support his research entitled „How to cure the war? The development of psychiatric knowledge and its impact on the social stability of post-war European societies between 1945 and 1968: A comparison of ‘deviant’ crimes in Prague, Düsseldorf, and London“.
  3. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to M. Felipe Fernandes (EHESS) to support his research entitled „Les migrants vietnamiens en République tchèque: une étude sur les lignées familiales et les réseaux économiques au marché de Sapa (Prague)“.
  4. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to Mrs Františka Zezuláková Schormová (FF UK) to support her research entitled „African American Poets Abroad: Black and Red Allegiances in Early Cold War Czechoslovakia“.
  5. To give a one-year « CEFRES Platform » grant to Mrs Yulia Moskvina (FSV UK) to support her research entitled „State, Squat, Society“.

It has also decided to propose a contract of Phd Student Associate to the following candidates:

– Mrs Ekaterina Zheltova (FSV UK): „National belonging, transnational localities, and ideologies of language: Discursive practices at the Greek-Albanian borderlands.

– Mrs Anna Simbartlová (FFV UK): “Civic Integration of Immigrants in Central Europe: Case of Austria and the Czech Republic“.

– M. Vojtěch Šarše (FF UK), „The Image of Cultural Decline in the Anticolonial Francophone Sub-Saharan Novel: The processes of subjectivation, objectivation, reification and identity emptiness“.

– Mrs Tereza Sedláčková (FSV UK): „Multiple Responsibilities in the Context of Compulsory Vaccination System in the Czech Republic“.

– M. Pavol Kosnáč (Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University in Brno): „Paramilitary Groups in Slovakia: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Structure, Motivation and Environment“. 

All the winners are asked to contact me (jerome.heurtaux@cefres.cz) without delay (copy to landova@cefres.cz) to inform me of their decision regarding the scholarship or the contract of association.