Giovanna Capponi: Research & CV

Perceptions and politics of wild boar management in Central Italy

Research Project: Bewildering Boar

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Giovanna is trained as a social anthropologist with a particular interest in human-environment relation, human-animal studies, cultural and historical ecology and ‘natureculture’. During her PhD at the University of Roehampton (London), she conducted an extensive multi-sited fieldwork looking at animal sacrificial practices and perception of the environment in Afro-Brazilian Candomblé, developing her own perspectives in the fields of anthropology of ritual, material culture and human-animal studies. She worked within the AHRC-funded “Cultural and Scientific Perception of Human Chicken Interaction” interdisciplinary project, which brought together researchers in different fields to study the significance of fowls in human cultures through history and in the present days.

At CEFRES she is starting a second fieldwork within the TANDEM “Bewildering Boar” project, focusing on the management of wild boars in the Central Appenine in Italy.

Project: Perceptions and politics of wild boar management in Central Italy

This project aims at drawing perspectives on human-environment relations and on the sociology of science, especially in how ‘scientific’ notions regarding the environment intertwine and are constructed together with cultural practices and discourses. In particular, it will focus on the management of wild boars and wild fauna in National Parks in Central Italy (Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi and Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini) and in the surrounding rural areas.  By analysing the conflicts between local farmers, hunting associations, forestry managers, conservationsist and ecologists, this research is meant to provide an Italian ethnographic study on the entanglements between ‘nature’ and society in Europe within the TANDEM Bewildering Boar project.



2018: PhD in Social Anthropology (University of Roehampton)

2013: MA in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology (Università di Bologna)

2011: MA in Migration and Diaspora Studies (SOAS)

2009: BA in Anthropological Sciences (Università di Bologna)


2017: Radcliffe Brown Trust Fund / Sutasome Award – Royal Anthropological Institute (London)

2014: RAI Horniman Museum Collecting Initiative – Royal Anthropological Institute, Horniman Museum and Gardens (London)

Peer reviewed chapters and papers
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Selected conference papers
  • 2017 Deuses ou ciborgues? Uma análise multiespécies do conceito de assentamento no candomblé, in Anais da VI Reunião de Antropologia da Ciência e Tecnologia. vol. 3, n. 3. USP: São Paulo
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